The Whales are Dying and We're All Getting Sick

I’ve been dreaming about swimming with whales a lot in the last few weeks.  Really vivid almost lucid dreams where I can feel the warmth and fluidity of the water.  The whales vary by species, sometimes humpback, sometimes orca or others.  They communicate with me although not in any kind of verbal language, but we understand each other.  They are teaching me how to swim.  They are telling me that they are dying but there is no despair or fear in them, penetrating full body grief yes but also wild joy.  We are swimming because it is ecstatic, for them it is like dancing, this is not utility swimming to get from place to place but movement through water for the exquisite bliss of it.  They tell me this is the only thing to do, that this is the way they are choosing to meet their end.   It’s extraordinary, I feel honored and blessed by these visitations and I wonder what they mean for me as an individual human and for us as a species and then the pandemic started…….

There are many brilliant healers out there freely and publicly offering their wisdom on how to work with this virus in the body, so I am not going to go into great length here about that but here are some links:


I’m interested in the whales, their joy in the face of certain doom, their grief that feels so deep and so wholesome because it is felt, and reality is recognized and honored for what it is.  The whales are dying, many great and beautiful creatures are dying, forever transforming their Earthly body into something else.  And it is terribly sad, no question about that, but it is also terribly real and how we choose to face/embrace it will greatly affect how much we suffer from it.

In TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) the lungs are an organ associated with grief.  When grief is not tended appropriately and suppressed the lungs become susceptible to disease.  We can not breath, we are dying in the thousands a day because we can not breathe, our lungs are filling up and our hearts are failing. 

What is it that we are not grieving properly?

Martin Prechtel (a Mayan medicine person) speaks of the massive public grief rituals that took place in the village he lived in as being fundamental (and frequent) to societies function.  The whole village would come out for massive wailing, crying and grieving when someone died.  People drank and cried and laughed and honored the dead with boisterous days long events. 

In our culture we pathologize all but the most sterile forms of public displays of grief and we diagnose and treat those acting differently with dangerous psychiatric medications and procedures, including forced psychiatric hospitalizations and forced medication.  Many become deeply addicted to opiates or alcohol to stave off their grief and get by as a “normal” person. 

It would seem that before this whole things is over many of us will die [and that will be terribly sad] and we are being presented with the opportunity to re-imagine how we grieve together [and apart]. It is a rich time to examine our belief systems around loss and explore how we personally could grieve more fully the things we have already lost and the things we will surely be losing in the coming days.

What is it that we are not grieving properly? 

I have plenty of ideas and opinions about places one could start looking for answers to that.  The mass extinctions occurring, our own perceived disconnection from the natural world, our perceived disconnection from each other, our inability to be with grief and loss in a healthy way.  [Note the use of the word perceived, we are not and never have been disconnected from each other or nature, we have just lost our awareness of that connection.  It is murky and certainly in need of tending but it is not lost.]

Remembering our connection to the natural and imaginal realms and allowing ourselves to feel and honor the deep sorrow accompanying this current planetary shift (I believe) will have powerful ramifications on how (or if) we manage to survive the current pandemic. [ Even if we hack it through this one, there will be another, and another and another.  The planet is a self-organized ecosystem that will move towards homeostasis with or without us.]  We are not at war with the corona virus, we are not under attack or besieged by some malevolent force.  We are being spoken too in a language that is difficult to hear and remember how to speak.  It is ancient and highly intelligent. 

Another opportunity to re imagine our stories that I just can’t go without mentioning is the symbolism of the snake and it’s involvement in this whole story.  [Yes I realize it came from bats originally and then jumped to snake and then to humans.]  Isn’t there some famous patriarchal story about a snake ruining everything for humanity? The exile from Eden was not a fall from grace but an opportunity to differentiate from God and experience infinite love & complexity.  The snake as the bringer of sacred self-knowledge that allows us to evolve and start a new phase.

What parts of this new story are being falsely interpreted as falls from grace or attacks on humanity?

Meditate on the snake, meditate on the neutrality of information, meditate on ecstasy and grief.

Gaia is speaking.  Sit down, shut up and listen to your Mother.

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  1. I think this is really beautiful. I’m sorry you were made to feel you had to apologize for anything contained in your authentic words, your personal experience. Thank you for sharing.


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