Who I Am (mostly, kinda, some of the time)

I’ve been fascinated from an early age by altered states of consciousness.  At around the age of 4 I overheard an adult conversation about voluntarily throwing up to relieve headaches and the altered state that produced.  I’ve suffered migraines as long as I can remember and shortly after hearing that conversation, when the next one struck, I transmuted it to my gut and puked it out. I wouldn’t have had the language for it then but it definitely produced an altered state of consciousness.   As a teen and young adult I experimented widely with “classic” psychedelic medicines in a variety of “sets” and “settings” as well as exploring less well known paths to healing and consciousness exploration. By my mid 20’s I was using this experiential knowledge to guide me on a path towards supporting the healing of others and began what has been an wild journey stepping into that role.

Seeking altered states of all kinds and attempting to understand and endure them has been a major defining characteristic of my incarnation in this body, and has helped me tremendously in my studies as a healer, but it is not the only path. Along the way I have taken deep dives into somatically oriented trauma therapy, systemic family constellations pre and perinatal developmental attachment psychology and traditional non-psychoactive herbalism (among other things).

I struggle frequently to label what I do as any one thing but “minister” or “chaplain” seems to be the best fit, with it’s broad scope of practice and wholistic view of the individual as a spiritual being experiencing the unfolding, dynamic, process of being embodied.

I feel deeply committed to providing safe spaces for humans to be humans, to see the beauty of creation reflected back to them, to heal or not as each one sees fit, and to encourage a deep remembering that we are not just “of the Earth” but are the Earth experiencing hirself in human form.

I am heavily influenced by my personal relationaships with individual plant relatives and the work of Stephen Harrod Bhuner, Gabor Mate, Peter Levine, Bruce Sanguin, Chris Bache, Ram Das, Martin Prechtell, Clara Cunningham, Lisa Iverson Judith Blackstone and others to numerous to name who have gnetly instructed and guided me along my way.

My hope is that what I share on this website triggers deeper connections to ourselves, each other and our planet and from that place we can co evolve in right relationship with all the self organized intelligences we share this and other dimensions with.


Compassionate Inquiry: Certificate of Completion Professional Training https://online.compassionateinquiry.com/

Somatic Attachment Psychology: Certificate of Completion with https://www.theembodylab.com/somatic-attachment-therapy-certificate

Systemic Family Constellations: Certificate of Completion 2 years immersive training with https://familyconstellationswest.com/

Somatic Herbalism: Certificate of Completion Somatic Herbalism for the Advanced Practitioner with Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue https://otherworldwell.com/ and Matthew Wood https://www.matthewwoodinstituteofherbalism.com/

HeartMath Biofeedback: Certified Coach https://www.heartmath.com

Ceremony Facilitation: More than 10 years of assisting, apprenticing and facilitating in various traditional settings

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