Relational Therapy

A good therapeutic relationship is one of the defining characteristics of successful therapy Ample meta-analysis of the many modalities of therapy has shown that no one method is any more effective than the others. In examining why that is researchers narrowed it down to the quality of relationship between the practitioner and the client.

The power of witnessing, without doing, is what allows us to know that we are real. That our experiences are valid, they have meaning to our lives, and we have agency within them. My work is a somatically oriented conglomerate of many modalities that I have studied, and received certification in, but it is primarily a practice of being in relationship. Of simply being a human witnessing another human with presence and unconditional positive regard.

Work can be done in person or remotely.

You can read more in depth about some of the modalities I have studied by following the menu links or reach out and schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

Because successful therapy hinges so strongly on the relationship I do recommend planning to work in a series of regular sessions. A discount is offered if you book six consecutive sessions and pay up front.


Compassionate Inquiry: Certificate of Completion Professional Training

Somatic Attachment Psychology: Certificate of Completion with

Systemic Family Constellations: Certificate of Completion 2 years immersive training with

Somatic Herbalism: Certificate of Completion Somatic Herbalism for the Advanced Practitioner with Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue and Matthew Wood

HeartMath Biofeedback: Certified Coach

Ceremony Facilitation: More than 10 years of assisting, apprenticing and facilitating in various traditional settings

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