Compassionate Inquiry + Somatic Attachment Pyschology

Pioneered by Dr. Gabor Mate, compassionate inquiry is a gentle process of uncovering our core beliefs and wounds by following the sensations of the body and “being with” whatever arises in a supportive container. Trauma is not the circumstances that occurred to us but how those circumstances landed in our bodies and the meaning about ourselves that we made from those experiences.

Culturally trauma can often mean a big event, like a car accident, assault or domestic violence, big T trauma. Developmental trauma is much more complex and subtle, it is the accumulation of small events that result in dis-ordered attachment relationships with our primary caregivers, little t trauma. These patterns of attachment begin epigenetically in our family of origin and then further “imprint” onto us through gestation, the birth process and early childhood. These “little t” traumas directly influence how we experience the “big T” experiences and whether or not they even become “trauma”.

Understanding our dominant attachment style, and how it influences the way we experience and make sense of life, is crucial to building resilience and a sense of wellbeing so that we can meet life’s difficulties with grace and self-compassion.

This can be a slow process and I highly suggest considering a minimum of 6 sessions. (Discount is provided for booking and paying upfront for 6 or more.)

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