Somatic Western Herbalism

Plants & herbs can be incredibly potent catalyzers of healing both in the body & the mind. Containing countless alkaloids, nuerotransmitters, nutrients, flavanoids, terpenes, amino acids and many other compounds necessary for a body & mind to work in harmony. The possibilities really are endless and fascinating and it can be a little overwhelming to navigate all the available information by oneself and then make a decision about what herbs are right for you.

I trained as an advanced practitioner of western herbalism with Matthew Wood & Sean Donohue.   I use primarily drop doses of alcohol extracted plants to shift the felt sense of being embodied.  This method pays more attention to the individuals constitution and felt response to different herbs than a method where herb A is good for condition B.  It might be for some people but for others the herb A could make things worse so together we pay close attention to your individual response. I consider myself “trauma informed”, that is to say I am both experienced and comfortable working with people with various types of trauma & spiritual emergency as well as having a strong grasp of the biological functions of the human organism.

An herbal consultation is about 90 minutes of collecting a detailed history of your experience being human and the pattern or dis regulation you would like help shifting, then I will have you taste different plants and gauge your response to work up a formula & recommendations for teas, foods or lifestyle changes.

Consultations can be done remotely via skype or phone call. Instead of tasting herbs we would use somatic processes to help determine what would be best in your formula.

* The reader is advised to carefully consult appropriate sources for the most current information on scientific, medical, and legal issues. Material on this website is not intended to and should not be used as a substitute for personal consultation with knowledgeable physicians and attorneys.
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