Systemic Family Constellations

Developed in Germany by Burt Hellinger on the basis of many generations of indigenous wisdom, the constellation method is a beautiful tool for contextualizing relationships of all kinds.

Sometimes worked in groups of people but easily worked with privately, an individual will share a little bit with me about an issue they are struggling with. Representatives will be selected and placed in space based on the individuals felt sense of “rightness”. A constellation can be done for many things, some examples include; family dynamics, baby loss, illness, grief, workplace dynamics, relations with the natural world re climate change & extinction etc….Constellations can also be set in a very general way of just receiving resources that are in our field or receiving the blessing of our ancestors, there doesn’t need to be a specific issue, it is deeply powerful to just set a physical representation of receiving life and sit in that field for a little while.

Most of the time there is an easy organic flow to the process that is gently guided by how the person setting the constellation feels in their body and what the representatives report noticing. This allows deep generational traumas and entanglements to be brought into the light and integrated in a somatic way so that the present day individual is freed from their bonds of loyalty to behaviors that don’t serve.

This process is not about solving problems or forcing change. It is a deep acknowledgment of “what is” and a representation of the immense love at work in the family soul. A profound opportunity for listening to the body and feeling our place of belonging in our families of origin and in our greater human and planetary families.

Special attention is payed to the nervous system and moving very slowly and carefully with respect to trauma that may have been in the field for generations.

My “formal” education in this method comes in the form of two years study with Lisa Iverson (an incredible wisdom woman and long time facilitator and teacher of this method ) and it is a life long education that I continue to pursue and explore through many means.